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Green Leaf Loan

HK$1,000 - $100,000

up to 0.55%


For You Loan

HK$1,000 - $300,000

up to 0.64%


Prestige Loan

HK$5,000 - $300,000

up to 0.64%


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Ms. Cheung

(Office Lady)

I am preparing the new house with my fiancé. We have to not only decorate the house, not also buy new furniture. We didn't have enough cash flow so I applied Foryouloan online. Finally I received the loan at that day.

25 Jul, 2019


Miss. Chu

(University Student)

I am a Year 1 university student. I want to get a driving license but driving course costs few thousands. Therefore, I applied Student loan of For You Loan. I can do summer job to repay the loan. Early repayment has no penalty.

10 Jul, 2019


Ms Wong


I was a single mother. My last month part time salary was late for 1 week but I have to pay my son’s course fee. I found For You Loan and applied online. I could get the loan on that day and solve my financial problem.

28 Jun, 2019


*The minimum monthly repayment is applicable when the loan amount is $10,000 with 12 terms. The loan amount and monthly repayment are assigned depending on customer’s TU record and financial situation. Terms and conditions apply.

1. Full settlement is welcome at any time within 60 months after the loan is obtained. For You Loan will not charge additional penalty or handling fee.
2. Annual interest rate (APR): 12% - 58%
3. Principal x Annual Interest Rate / 365 Days x Number of Days Used
4. For You Loan will never charge any fees or surcharges for the loan process.

Example 1: Borrowing HK$20,000, repayment in 12 installments, such as interest rate of 12%, monthly contribution of HK$1,866.7, total repayment of HK$22,400.
Example 2: Borrowing HK$20,000, the agreed repayment period is 3 months. The customer repays after 3 days, because For You Loan will not pay penalty interest, so if the interest is 12%, the customer will pay the total amount of HK$20,020 after 3 days.
Example 3: Borrowing HK$20,000, the agreed repayment period is 3 months. The customer borrowed in the morning and took the initiative to repay the loan at night. Because of the early repayment of For You Loan, there is no penalty interest, so the total amount of money paid by the customer is the loan amount of HK$20,000.